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Release Notes

By ELEMENTICE Support on May 21, 2020 10:49:31 AM

Console 3.1.1 Release Notes:

  • Images in the Gallery Page now display the services they have been transferred to via Integrations
  • A summary of all Integration results for an event can now be seen by using the ‘Detail’ button on an Integration tile. Errors can be viewed and retried here.
  • Integration sync only transfers images which have not yet been attempted as default setting (you can still optionally force all images to be attempted)
  • Members can now opt-in to be notified when we detect a problem with an Integration (e.g. Dropbox is full) (max once per 5 minutes) (found on Members page -> Integrations)
  • Dropbox/Timestone integrations can now use ‘unsafe naming’  which shortens image names to overcome Timestone memory limitations.
  • Attendee run sheets can now be generated from the event page.


May 21, 2020

Console 3.1.0 Release notes:

  • New in browser editor: Perform common edit functions on your images within the Console and have the result passed through to your customers in real-time
  • Improved functionality: Galleries can now be opened in a new tab
  • Specific images in galleries now have their own unique URL
  • Fixed gallery scrolling: Screen no longer jumps when new images load


May 12, 2020

Console 3.0.0 Release notes:

  • New integration with Dropbox
  • New galleries page: search for and view galleries from the Console all in one place
  • Delete, Reassign and Hi-res download functions moved from MyPics into the Console
  • Subject quick-view is now always active in the updated Gallery Viewer, and not available in MyPics
  • View full Device galleries from Device page
  • Updated, responsive modals.


Walker 7.3.3 Release notes:

  •  Ability to upload via custom WiFi networks (at a lower cost per GB - save $$)



May 12, 2020

Console 2.2.7 Release notes:

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