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Release Notes

By ELEMENTICE Support on May 21, 2020 10:49:31 AM

November 30, 2020

Release Notes 8.3.0

Device Updates
  • Improvements to the way we report 3G/4G reception strength - We've updated our signal strength reporting to take into account the fact that our devices are uploading large image files (not just making phone calls). Your reader will now be able to give you a much more accurate representation of how quickly it will be able to upload images via its 3G/4G connection.
  • New feature to enable 'device configuration QR codes' which configure devices for use with the Fotomerchant Integration.
  • Fixed bug which caused some Readers to get stuck on logo screen.
Console updates:
  • New and improved Dashboard - The new dashboard gives much more relevant information including new interactive graphs and alerts section.


November 19, 2020

Release Notes 8.2.0

  • We strongly recommend that you update your Walkers through the Console at the earliest convenience. This update resolves recent bugs related to poor reception.



October 19, 2020

Release Notes 8.1.0

  • Walker now supports shooting multiple JPEG files. Walker will choose the smallest JPEG to upload to save you data costs.
  • Bug fixes


July 8, 2020

Console 3.1.1 Release Notes:

  • Images in the Gallery Page now display the services they have been transferred to via Integrations
  • A summary of all Integration results for an event can now be seen by using the ‘Detail’ button on an Integration tile. Errors can be viewed and retried here.
  • Integration sync only transfers images which have not yet been attempted as default setting (you can still optionally force all images to be attempted)
  • Members can now opt-in to be notified when we detect a problem with an Integration (e.g. Dropbox is full) (max once per 5 minutes) (found on Members page -> Integrations)
  • Dropbox/Timestone integrations can now use ‘unsafe naming’  which shortens image names to overcome Timestone memory limitations.
  • Attendee run sheets can now be generated from the event page.


May 21, 2020

Console 3.1.0 Release notes:

  • New in browser editor: Perform common edit functions on your images within the Console and have the result passed through to your customers in real-time
  • Improved functionality: Galleries can now be opened in a new tab
  • Specific images in galleries now have their own unique URL
  • Fixed gallery scrolling: Screen no longer jumps when new images load


May 12, 2020

Console 3.0.0 Release notes:

  • New integration with Dropbox
  • New galleries page: search for and view galleries from the Console all in one place
  • Delete, Reassign and Hi-res download functions moved from MyPics into the Console
  • Subject quick-view is now always active in the updated Gallery Viewer, and not available in MyPics
  • View full Device galleries from Device page
  • Updated, responsive modals.


Walker 7.3.3 Release notes:

  •  Ability to upload via custom WiFi networks (at a lower cost per GB - save $$)



May 12, 2020

Console 2.2.7 Release notes:

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