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COVID and the Startup Rollercoaster

Apr 23, 2020 9:16:46 AM

Life in a tech start-up is not like a timid teacup ride, it’s a wild and raging rollercoaster. In a flash, things can go from super fun & exciting to a bit scary and you think you might die – but it’s all part of the ride. When COVID-19 shut down the world and our customers (kind of like the sudden drop and corkscrew that nobody saw coming) we had to take a breath and consider what kind of opportunity this 'downtime' would give us.


What is our plan during the COVID-19 shutdown?

We are developing a richer and more valuable experience for our users. This downtime for our customers is an opportunity to develop the long wish-list of features and functions we haven’t had the time to implement yet. Our Tech and Support team are hard at work bringing new integrations, automated workflows, and self-support resources to life. Our processes will be easier, the platform more user-friendly, and the options more varied.

Simultaneously, parts for our next run of devices are starting to arrive for assembly. Those will begin shipping in the next two weeks – now is the perfect time to strategise with our customers, to test and push the hardware further. Photographers who are thinking about how they want to operate when things pick up again continue to contact us and we are working with them to make sure they are equipped and prepared. 

Our operational staff, who typically keep the many different plates spinning (most of which have been cancelled or postponed), have spent part of their time using our 3D printers to manufacture face shields for the Intensive Care Units of local hospitals. Partnering with our community is more important now than ever, and every little bit helps. If you see an opportunity in your community, don't be afraid to get involved!

3D printed face shields


Like any rollercoaster, we know the next high is right around the corner and we'll be there for every moment. We are committed to changing the nature of the photography industry worldwide because we know the workflows of the past will fail to satisfy the demands of the future.


David Hughes
Written by David Hughes

David is the Operations Manager at ELEMENTICE.

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