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Creativity and Covid-19

Apr 8, 2020 11:05:55 AM

This sucks. It really does. Here at ELEMENTICE, we, and all of our partners have been seriously financially affected by this global pandemic. Both the event and photography industries have been forced into a sudden hiatus, with an uncertain end point. Lots of work has been cancelled, but a lot of work is being rescheduled to later in the year. Right now, many in our industries have spare time due to lost work, but when things open up again there will be exactly the opposite problem: six months worth of work compressed into a much shorter period.

The silver lining we have at this time, is the opportunity to consider HOW we are going to improve our systems and processes (all that stuff you've been too busy to think about because you were running the business).

As you've probably heard from that at-home-fitness influencer you started following to fill your days: now is the time to be thinking about how you can prepare yourself and your business for the reboot which is coming. It's true, we are all navigating into the unknown, but those who use this downtime best, will come out on top of the future economic reboot. 

It's not pretty, but a global pandemic of this magnitude will be a catalyst for creative problem solving and will birth a dramatic shift in operational processes in every sector of modern life. Post-corona, we will witness an exponential increase of creative advancement through diverse domains, including art, music, design, business and technology. This period will become an opportunity for evolution. An evolution that examines and questions how and why we operate in the systems we have for the past few decades. Now is the pause where we get to ask "why?" and "is there a better way?".

Pretty soon, many of us will be playing the catch-up game; attempting to reclaim lost income, time and momentum. Our first instinct will be to return to doing things as it was done before, as if this has been nothing but a significantly annoying press of the pause button. However, in the rush of six months worth of rescheduled events all clambered into the same financial quarter, the workflows of the past will not cope.


The workflows that dominated the pre-Corona era will fail to keep the pace of an industry reboot.


If we try to keep things the way they were, that is a problem waiting to happen. The workflows that dominated the pre-Corona era will fail to keep the pace of an industry reboot. We must all take the time to reconsider how we operate in our businesses and seek out alternative methods that will meet the demands of a recovering economy. 

When the industry reboot comes, photographers will need to maximise their work hours spent shooting (generating income) and minimise time spent in back-end workflows (spending time); while event organisers and brands will need to let people know that they are still here, open for business and "you are missing out if you aren't here with us!".

How are you reinventing your business to rise the challenges ahead? 


David Hughes
Written by David Hughes

David is the Operations Manager at ELEMENTICE.

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