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We're paired with Fotomerchant HV

Sep 6, 2019 1:00:00 PM


The ELEMENTICE platform you know and love now supports full scale, high volume e-commerce and print sales via Fotomerchant HV

The ELEMENTICE team went and worked alongside the team at FMHV all week for a bit of a hackathon - yes... it was awesome... and now we've got a magic trick to show you.

If you're an FMHV customer, you can take a photo on any ELEMENTICE device (eg, Walker) and it will be available to the customer for print sales in ~10 seconds!  You can of course slow the process down if you want to do more checks, but it's all there so we're never holding you up. 

Just imagine... Images auto uploaded, tagged, sorted into personal galleries, transferred to FMHV and available to customers seconds after you take the shot.  You're welcome.

... and there are bigger things to come.

Written by Pete

Peter is a Canberra based, tech-loving, entrepreneur, husband, father, brother, and founding CEO of ELEMENTICE, the company that is changing the photography industry for good.

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