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Release Notes

Feb 21, 2020 2:19:49 PM

Console 2.2.7 Release notes:

  • Fix issue with new Manager level users not being able to access their Member page on first load
  • Make updating of lists of Events, Devices, Members more reliable
  • Fix issue where software update notification would appear for up-to-date devices
  • Add more details to Attendees (company, secondary phone, secondary email, notes)
  • Allow active/inactive Attendee galleries – all pre-existing Attendees have been made active
  • Events using a Fotomerchant integration AND Attendees will now have email/first name/last name/company passed through to Fotomerchant subjects
  • Add “Other IDs” table to Event page. This shows scanned IDs which are not ELEMENTICE Gallery Cards or Attendees
  • Attendee, Cards and Other IDs tables on the Event page are now sortable and searchable


MyPics 1.0.6 Release notes:

  • Search bar in Admin Mode can now search for IDs
Written by ELEMENTICE Support

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